Dr. Ronit Ilouz laboratory

Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms regulated by Kinases in health and disease

Our Laboratory

 At the Ilouz lab we are focusing on investigating signaling pathways regulated by protein kinases in health and disease. Our ultimate goal is to understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms by which
supramolecular complexes are assembled and spatiotemporally regulated to achieve accurate and specific responses. We are expanding our knowledge from the atomic level resolution, by determining 3D structures of protein complexes, to the cellular and tissue levels, by analyzing perturbations in signaling pathways in disease mouse models or human tissues. Linking molecular and cellular events with physiological function may lead us to an identification of novel therapeutic targets for intervention.

Compartmentalized PKA signaling in space and time

RIβ holoenzyme crystal structure.
Assembly of PKA is isoform specific.

Signaling pathways leading to an accurate response